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Know the different phases of the 3 Week Diet program

The Different Phases of The 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet

The difficulty with many weight loss programs is that they do not inform you what to do to keep your weight off after you have completed those programs. Unlike those programs, the 3 Week Diet program has you covered everything, even after the completion of the program. It is principally a 21-day weight loss program, which is designed to assist people to lose weight quickly. The program is divided into four short different phases. Through these four phases, you will be detoxing your body, fasting, doing exercises, and decreasing your calories, but in a manner, you most likely would not have seen earlier.

The 3 Week Diet - what it tells you?

The 3 Week Diet program, created by Brian Flatt features the rules to be followed after the completion of the program, which is known as the three-pound rule. It means that if you weigh yourself each morning and find that you have put up extra three pounds when compared to your original weight, you can start this weight loss program again until you get your original weight. To achieve this, the program comes with all suitable guidelines to follow, after the program, to maintain your desired body weight throughout your lifetime. Therefore, you will not at all put extra weight other than your desired weight in your life if you follow the three-pound rule.

Different phases of the program

The 3 Week Diet program is divided into four phases, each is designed with a systematic approach to achieving a healthy weight loss.

These phases include:

Phase-1: This is known as the detoxification phase. This phase starts with the first day of the program and continues up to seven days. In this phase, you will be detoxifying your liver and will be removing all the accumulated toxins from your body. This phase assists stimulate the digestive processes as well as to eliminate the wastes from your body through the bowel.

Adding to its efficiency, this phase activates nerve and hormone creation to the digestive system and the liver. Moreover, it protects the liver from any damage and perks up its ability to blot out injurious toxicants. In this phase, the author suggests taking vitamin supplements, such A, C, and D to maximize the weight loss effects. Users are also recommended to consume 17 diverse types of vegetables and to take lean protein during this phase.

Phase-2: This is the fasting phase and it is a one-day phase. This phase starts following the final meal of the users on the seventh day of the 3 week diet program. After all the accumulated toxins have been successfully eliminated from the body of the user, the 24-hour fasting stage starts, meaning the users will be in the starved mode for 24 hours. During fasting, users would get more free stamina than usual and they feel a cleaner and healthier body.

Phase-3: This is the Fat Fast Diet phase, which will start on the ninth day of the weight loss program and continues up to its eleventh day. This phase continues for three days with an effective diet plan and it is designed to assist users to decide the weight loss plan that is appropriate for them. In addition, the fat sizzling meal plan rendered in this phase will assist users to dispose of the accumulated toxicants, which are weighing them down.

3 Week Diet results from real customers read here. Furthermore, for these ninth, tenth and eleventh days, users will consume a diet that includes 80 percent calories from fat, which would assist them to burn fat from their hips and tummy regions.

Phase-4: This the final phase that allows users to focus on their basal metabolic rate. This phase starts on the twelfth day of the program and ends on the twenty-first day. During this nine-day period, users will be consuming a nourishing diet, which is crammed with fresh, hygienic unprocessed foods to allow them to keep their low to moderate carbohydrates.

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The diet plan is specially created according to the individual unique BMR and the weight loss objectives of each user. Another immense feature of this diet plan is that it lets users monitor precisely the amount of calories they have to consume to attain their weight loss goals.


+ It comes with well-organized phases.
+ Easy-to-follow diet plan.
+ Result focused exercises


- No workout videos (will be available later).

My Conclusion

In general, Brian Flatt's 3 Week Diet program is a solid, genuine weight loss program, consisting of appropriate foods to be consumed, easy-to-perform workouts, and suitable guidelines to keep up the body weight in the life of the users. By the way, I recommend to visit (there are a lot of useful info for you about The 3 Week Diet). All the meal plans are designed to follow easily and all the workouts are designed to perform in the home of the users. From the 3 week diet reviews and the money back warranty, one can understand that the program is not a scam, but it works well for anybody who would like to achieve a healthy weight loss quickly, easily and safely.

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